tupper lake triad

  1. Goodman Mountain

    Goodman Mountain

    This mountain is located behind what locals in Tupper Lake call Lumberjack Spring and was once referred to as Litchfield Hill and on some older maps can still be found as such, while It may not be ever an official name. A new trail has been developed by the DEC to mimic the one developed over...
  2. Coney Mountain

    Coney Mountain

    This hike is 1.1 mile, one way, hike is over easy to moderate terrain. Most of the trail is rocky and has a lot of tree roots to contend with. The trail is fairly new and footing is a bit rough in areas, but quickly becoming heavily traveled. The trail sweeps around the steep western slopes of...
  3. Mt Arab Mountain

    Mt Arab Mountain

    This is a very nice family oriented hike if you're in the Tupper Lake area. This mountain along with Mt. Coney and Goodman Mt. make up the Tupper Lake Triad, it's also one for the New York State Fire Tower challenge. I hadn't really hiked all summer, except for Little Haystack Mt in Buck Pond...