1. Algonquin and Iroquois Peaks

    Algonquin and Iroquois Peaks

    On April 17, 2005 we set out to hike these two peaks, on a very nice day. This was another great day of hiking. Its funny how some days we describe as "epic" and others were just great hikes. This was one of those "epic" day hikes as we all felt strong all day. The 4 of us hiked these two...
  2. Big Slide via the Brothers

    Big Slide via the Brothers

    We arrived at the garden around 7:00am, paid for our parking, did our stretches and signed in; it was my son Derek, and I. We were on the trail for Big Slide by 7:15am. We took the trail over the Brothers; I really liked this approach, with the many outlooks along the way it gave a lot of...
  3. Tabletop Mtn (8)

    Tabletop Mtn (8)

    We left the apartment at 445am so as to get a good head start. We arrived at the ADK Loj parking lot at around 6:50 am, there were a few cars already there, and in fact it looked like they had spent the night in the woods somewhere because of the frost on the windshields. We did our stretches...
  4. Colden Mountain

    Colden Mountain

    On Saturday Sept 4, 2004 we set out to climb Mount Colden. Our original intent was to stay at the Marcy Brook lean-to, however we could not due to prior commitments. Our climbing companions (Mark and Chris) had hiked into that lean-to the previous day and spent the night, we met up with them...
  5. Wright Peak

    Wright Peak

    We had previously hiked this on April 8, 2004. It was a nice warm spring day, but still some snow and ice on the ground. It was Mark, Justin, Derek, and myself. The trail is a fairly easy trail that meanders upward, with not much for views for awhile. There is a nice waterfall that looks...
  6. Phelps Mountain

    Phelps Mountain

    We had hiked this on February 21, 2004. It was Mark, Chris, Justin, Derek, and myself. It was an over cast day with snow flurries. I cannot remember what the temps were, but I don't recall being overly cold. The trail from the Loj was hard packed all the way to Marcy dam. When we had hiked this...
  7. Cascade & Porter Mountains

    Cascade & Porter Mountains

    On February 1, 2004, Derek and I set out to hike these two mountains. Unlike the first attempt we were prepared to hike our first of the 46 high peaks. It was a beautiful day with clear skies and temperatures expected to be in the low 30's. It certainly made for a beautiful day. We started on...