Ausable Marsh
About 6 miles round trip from the first gate. Broke trail in snowshoes in about 6-10 inches of snow. It is well packed out now for anyone local interested in taking a nice hike. You will need a four-wheel-drive to get to the first gate at the top of the hill. Dingo and I walked from there down through the marsh to the Ausable River and looped counterclockwise from the trestle. The only thing we saw was a rub and heard songbirds. A nice little hike nonetheless with a 40lb pack, great conditioning.
St. Regis Mtn
A beautiful day to be in the woods, and it was well overdue. A 6.6 mile round trip through some open hardwoods, and some spectacular views. St. Regis Mtn. is reportedly a popular mountain, but today there wasn't much traffic when I started. This hike is much like the hike to Scarface, a gradual increase with a short difficult section towards the end, but neither is overly difficult. I guess this is what makes these hikes popular. The trail is easy enough to follow up and over rolling hills through a mix of soft and hardwoods. Towards the end of the trail, you will come to a sharp right, at which point the climbing really begins, for only about a 1/4 mile. This section is almost like a shute as you go up between crags, ultimately coming...
Anaheim, CA 2013
I had the privilege of serving as President of the APCO-Atlantic Chapter. During my term, I traveled to Anaheim CA to represent our 2200 members at the national conference. The last time I was in California was in 1980 when we moved back east. There were friends I hadn't seen in 30 years. It was a pleasure to have dinner with Scott Sampson and his girlfriend, Rebecca Waranka Struckhoff. Scott had been a very kind person to me when we first moved to California, introduced me around, and helped me adjust to the busier lifestyle. Great friend! Pictures.
Mud Pond
This is a short hike at around 3 miles round trip. The trail is all gradual incline, at some point follows an old jeep trail for a short distance. It is an enjoyable hike meandering through conifer and hardwoods until coming to Mud Pond itself.