Armstrong summit

Derek and I headed out by the St Hubert's trail-head where it looked like spring was arriving quickly. we got my stuff together and headed down the road to the Adirondack Club at 8:20 AM. There were just patches of snow around, but brought crampons and micro-spikes.

After signing in at the gate, we walked the 1.76 miles down Lake Road where things were looking more wintry. Here we crossed over the river by the Beaver Meadows Trail to the connection with the Wedge Brook Trail. I put on my micro-spikes further up the trail, just below the col between the Wolfjaws as the trail was finally covered in a hard packed snow with a light dusting on top. The trail had a nice steady grade up to the col between Upper and Lower Wolfjaw.

The steep descent and ascent were as tiring as always and there were some icy spots, but I managed just fine with my micro-spikes. At the summit there were no views. We could faintly see Armstrong in the west. The wind was strong so we only stopped to switch to crampons before making our way up Armstrong. I only put the crampons on in expectation of the steep ascent to Armstrong, but I likely would have been OK with micro-spikes. We didn't see the ladder on the ascent so I assume it was still covered by the remaining snow. Armstrong was otherwise uneventful and we took a video and many pictures, we finally took off towards Gothics and reached the col.

Conditions on Gothics looked windy and cold with whiteout conditions, much like what is was when we hiked it prior. so we only stayed a few minutes in the col before heading down the Beaver Meadows Falls trail. Descending I kept my crampons on till about halfway down, and enjoyed a few good butt slides down to the lake. There we started the long slog back down Lake Road all the way to the gate.