We arrived at the Adirondack Loj around 8am. Today (Friday April 14, 2006) would by Mark, Derek, and myself hiking Street and Nye.

We arrived to the trail head sign in at 820, and meandered our way down to Indian Brook, where we finally found a safe place to cross at 10:05.

We made our way up to the junction arriving at 1:40pm after dealing with a fair amount of blow down along the way. It was a short jaunt over to Nye summit arriving at 2:00pm, with no views.

After a quick photo session we headed back to the junction arriving at 2:20pm. We were soon on our way to Street. This summit seemed to be a bit illusive, and a few surprises as we had a little bit of trouble staying on the trail, blow down, and the spruce traps were a bit of a challenge. We arrived at the summit of Street at 3:50pm, took some photos, snacked and rested for our walk out.

We arrived back at the junction at 4:20pm and continued on down to Indian Brook, arriving at 6:30pm.

Did not see a single soul the whole trip.