Mount Van Hoevenburg


I had hiked this for the first time with Cindy and Jim, eventually going back and hiking with my son.

From the beginning the hike is along an old jeep road through conifers and eventually hardwoods once you get down near the marsh. The trail is overgrown to the width of a foot trail. The trail used to continue straight, where what is now under water, even in the dead of winter I wouldn't recommend going across the frozen marsh. The three of us did, and one of us broke through, which brought the hike to an end that day.

The trail has been rerouted to the left to the side of the marsh eventually crosses along the bottom. Going left you will cross over a couple small brook crossings the trail continues straight through it for about 300 feet. The trail becomes very pleasant and soon climbs moderately. After swinging right and then through an attractive draw between rocky areas you will make the final approach to the summit.

The first view you come to is not the summit, just beyond is the true summit and the best view. You will be atop a rocky ledge with the High Peaks Region right in front of you.

4.4 miles round trip
Elevation gain of 837’

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