Macomb, Carson, Grace, and Hough Peaks

Group photo on Grace

Yesterday, 1ADAM12, Flying Cow, Derek, and a gentleman whom we shall fondly refer to as "Other Craig" set off from Elk Lake a early o'clock with the Dixes in our sights. As with any proper hike, one person started off the day with the sentence, "Oh $%!^, I forgot (insert critical piece of equipment here)."

This time, it was Flying Cows turn. He forgot his nice shiny orthotics. After about 4 seconds of contemplation, he said, " Whatever, my feet will just hurt."

We set off and made pretty good time to the herd path, and were at the base of the slide shortly after sunrise. While the others flew up the slide, Adam and I took our time (and about 400 pictures).

Since this was my first slide climb, I didn't want it to end. I was zig-zagging back and forth just to let it all sink in. For anyone who hasn't gotten to do the Macomb slide yet, do it. It is just plain awesome.

As we progressed up the slide and back into the woods, we started noticing something off in the distance. All the really big peaks were completely covered in snow! We got off the slide, and all of a sudden, 3 inches of the fresh stuff! I believe I started dancing at this point and the first of many snowballs of the day was thrown (Adam hitting me). At the summit of Macomb, we realized the level of cold and wind we would be seeing for the rest of the day.

After a short time, we set of for Carson. We met up with a group from St. Lawrence U, and Flying Cow was very nice to them figuring he'll get the opportunity to laugh when the hockey season rolls around.

In the blink of an eye, we were at the base of the boulder field. Once again, climbing this field was a blast! We ducked into the trees and hit the summit.

We then set off for Grace, where things started getting a little muddy, but not nearly as bad as it could be. When we got above the trees on Grace, the wind was whipping around, and we dried off in about 3 seconds. Flying Cows feet started to hurt, but there was no way he was letting them get to him today. A little vitamin I, and he was ready to go!

Back to Carson, and we made our way up and over Pough and on to Hough! This was by far the steepest climb of the day. It had a really nifty ledge shortly before the summit, and the rock at the top leaves you WAY over everything around you. We had been pondering whether or not to do Dix, and we made the final decision that we were losing too much light, and we were starting to run short on energy.

We made our way back down to the Hough-n-Pough col and worked our way back down to the marked trail via Lillian Brook. We made it out shortly after sunset (yes we're slow and proud of it!) and all in all, it was an epic hike.

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