Lower Wolfjaw Mountain

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We arrived at the Garden parking lot to find it almost empty. I went and paid for our parking and returned to the truck for our stretches, made our last minute checks to make sure we had everything we needed, signed in at the register and around 1pm off we went toward JBL. My son, Derek and I set out for Johns Brook Lodge in hopes of spending the night in a lean to, but prepared to use our tents. We met several people coming out from having a few nights stay. We arrived at JBL around 5pm, and soon went to see the caretaker and get a lean to because our friends Mark, Chris, and Justin were going to come in later that night and the next day, our luck there were some available.

We stayed in the Goodwin lean-to which is in an awesome spot, we placed a glow stick on a branch by the trail leading down to the lean-to so Mark and Chris could find the one we were in. It would be about 9:30pm when they arrived, and Justin was to hike in the next morning. The lean-to was awesome with the brook roaring nearby. We heard nothing all night, in fact it was almost 9:30 or 10am by the time we woke up, we over slept!

Our plan was to do both Wolfjaws that day, but now it did not look so good. We left for Lower Wolfjaw at 11:40am from the Goodwin lean-to. It was a misty day, it was like being in the clouds, no views and a constant drizzle the entire day, it made for some cool hiking, but no views at all. We arrived at the Wolfjaw lean-to at 12:40pm, and this is where we had our lunch. This looked like a nice lean-to, I would like to stay at this lean-to when we go back to do Upper Wolf jaw, Armstrong, and Gothics. We arrived at the junction at 1:42pm; we had met a hiker coming down just before this junction and asked him about the time frame for both Lower and Upper Wolf jaws. He said he did not think we had enough time to do both, especially within the daylight. We had headlamps and were prepared to walk out in the dark, but prefer not to do this. We opted to only do the one, so we picked Lower Wolfjaw. We climbed our way and arrived the Lower Wolfjaw summit at 2:40pm, not a view in site, we were socked into the clouds but took what pictures we could. We had a snack and packed up to head back. We arrived back at Goodwin lean-to at 5pm. Our guest met us there and we all hiked out together arriving at the Garden parking area at 7:30pm.

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