Kane Mountain

Kane mountain is one of the Adirondack mountains that has a fire tower on it. It is also part of the ADK fire tower challenge. It is an out-of-the-way mountain and was quite a drive to get to, it would take me just under 3 hours from the house. We had left the house a little after 6 am, knowing we had quite a drive to get to it. For the most part, it was a straight shot down the interstate to exit 26, from there it was several secondary roads. We did pass through some very nice parts of New York state, places I had never been through before.

We arrived at the road that leads to the trailhead, Green Lake Road. It is located off of County Route 10 in Canada Lake. I did not see any signage out on County Route 10 that mentions the mountain trail, which is not typical for a New York State trail, usually, it is well marked. As we drove down the Green Lake Road, if I hadn't known any better we were in the wrong area as the road leading to the trailhead is a very narrow road along the pond. There was signage further down that pointed us to take a left to the trailhead. The parking area at the trailhead is decently sized.

We arrived at the parking area for the trailhead around 9:30 and were soon signed in and on our way up. The trail is divided into two routes. There is the north trail which leads further east northeast towards Pine Lake and the east trail. We could have done the loop and made it a nice 2-mile hike, but we opted for the shorter hike and went up and back on the east trail.

This section of the trail is an old tote road that the trail follows. Easy enough to follow and the grade is gradual the entire way. It was mostly through open hardwoods, with a small patch of softwoods. This made for a noisy hike with all the leaves underfoot.

We would meet two sets of downbound hikers as we made our way up. Arriving at the summit just after 10:00, we had the summit to ourselves for over an hour. Enjoying the views and did some exploring, had an early lunch, and took a few pictures.

On our trip back down we ran into 3 small groups of upbound hikers. We arrived back at the truck around 12:30 after a beautiful walkabout.

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