Lake Placid 9

1. Cobble Hill Elevation: 2,332 feet 2. Mt. Jo Elevation: 2,876 feet 3. Baxter Mountain Elevation: 2,440 feet 4. Mt. Van Hoevenberg Elevation: 2,940 feet 5. Big Crow Mountain Elevation: 2,815 feet 6. Bear Den Mountain (Wilmington) Elevation: 2,650 feet 7. Pitchoff Mountain Elevation: 3,500 feet 8. Catamount Mountain Elevation: 3,169 feet 9. Hurricane Mountain Elevation: 3,678 feet
  • Mount Van Hoevenburg

    I had hiked this for the first time with Cindy and Jim, eventually going back and hiking with my son. From the beginning the hike is along an old...
  • Baxter Mountain

    A group of us planned this hike one year for a New Year eve hike. I don't think any of us made the true summit. I realized this when I hiked this...
  • Mount Jo

    This is a nice little hike. You can do the loop hike or as we did up and down the same shorter route. The loop trip is a nice way to go down, nice...