Burke Lake Loop Trail

Burke Lake Loop Trail
Burke Lake Park boasts one of the 10 best fitness trails in the nation. That’s the assessment of the American Hiking Society after its trail specialists hiked high and low to find top 10 candidates in or near a major metropolitan area (close enough to use before or after work or on lunch hours) with portions that can be completed in 60-90 minutes.

Just 25 minutes from Washington, D.C., the Burke Lake Loop Trail follows the shoreline 4.7 miles around the lake, with bays jutting out from the main body of water that provides a welcome sense of solitude. Gravel surfaced for most of its length, Burke Lake’s loop trail is “a fine choice for either a brisk walk or a run,” plus it’s also suitable for biking.

When my friend Justin reached out to me and asked me about an easy hike, I said sure why not. It had been a while since we both hiked together (RPR), and I hadn’t been hiking for almost a full year due to complications from back surgery. It was a win-win to hike again with Justin and get out. With that in mind and the description of this place I knew it would be a nice walkabout and was pleasantly pleased with the scenery and the solitude that the trail had to offer. While we weren’t the only ones out there today it was still nice to get out and take a walk. It was by no means strenuous, but for those that were up for the challenge it could be, and yet it was an ideal place even for a family to get out, of which we had seen several.

The trail is well maintained, with adequate drainage along its course. there are plenty of benches spaced out just enough, and in the right locations to provide those in need of a break, while also provide relaxing views.

If you ever find yourself in the DC area, this is a nice respite. There are other amenities on the property, such as a campground, golf course, and marina, to name a few.

We had signed in to the trail register at 1:30 pm and would sign out a little after 4 pm. While this wasn’t a mountain, it certainly was a nice walkabout.

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