Blueberry Hill Trails

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Beautiful snowshoeing with some nice views. This is near Elizabethtown NY.

These trails are a system of various trails (30 of them) open to hikers, horses, bicyclists and even small recreational vehicles. The trail network is part of a local initiative to give the community and visitors a place for recreation. The land was donated to Elizabethtown by the Holst Family back in 1980’s. Many of the trails developed seem to get very light used making the narrower trails seem more like herd-paths, but are indeed marked. The terrain is a mix of hilly and flat routes with some following old woods roads leading through passes between adjoining small mounds.

As always carry out trash and stay off wet areas to avoid trail erosion. Marker colors and shapes on the map match those on the trails. Unmarked trails may be incomplete or on private property. Though trails are used in both directions, descriptions below are one-directional.

Enjoy, protect and share our amazing trail system!

A casual hike in the woods with great friends.

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